Spring Framework & JavaFX integrated?

I recently started learning JavaFX.  I have never build a desktop application before and decided to give it a try.

I am a newbie in JavaFX but I’ve been working with Spring framework for quite some time.

I wanted to be able to combine Spring with JavaFX so that I can take advantage of all the goodies of the framework plus the goodies of JavaFX.

Googling a bit about this topic, I ended up in a excellent post from Stephen Chin which you can read here.

Being inspired from that post I decided to dig into Spring and JavaFX, a bit, in order to be able to “annotation” enable JavaFX controllers so that they can be auto detected by Spring and thus auto wired, auto proxied, etc.

I ended up with a piece of code which I would like to share.  It’s not final, it’s not perfect but it serves it’s purpose.  I intend to enrich it as my JavaFX knowledge is accumulated.

No more talking let’s go for the code.


That’s the annotation to enable FXML Controllers scanning from Spring config classes.  It is very simple as you can see below:


What is important in our case is the “@Import” annotation which imports a very important class the FXMLControllerBeanDefinitionRegistrarSupport.

This class is responsible for the class path scanning and the assignment of the controller factory, the class that produces the FXML controller beans.


Next is the controller factory which instantiates the controllers in the JavaFX style but it also does the auto wiring the Spring style.  This class has to be instantiated as a bean in the Spring context.  For my own convenience, I have created a configuration class (SpringJavaFXConfig which can be found below) and I just include this in my main app config :


As you can see the above mentioned factory in order to operate needs a special annotation on the FXML controller which is named, what a surprise, FXMLController:


SpringJavaFXConfig as mentioned above:


And last but not least an ExampleController:


SampleConfig class:



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